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My thoughts

So far I have finished my first video. I am determined to learn. I’m 73 and do crafts and I know with your help I can. Thank you for providing information we can use

My idiotic idea of learning about the Silhoutte software at 75 years Old!

I decided to buy this Guide thinking it would help me! However its early days for me .
As I need time to read it all, plus make sense of it. I didn't tell my daughter t
I had bought it.
Not sure she would have agreed with me...and I am wondering if it was a good idea also. As I have joined a Silhouette Group on Facebook and these wonderful ladies have help me already getting hands on.So I am not sure if the Guide will help me or not.?
It was a lot of money with loads of technical instruction that I am wondering if I can understand.
So rather scared at present..As I need hands on especially being older.
I MEAN lessons would have been more preferable.. Time will tell..I did print it out!
Thinking I would read it daily .
But I find it a little boring and need other people involved.
So time will tell, maybe I acted in haste? Who knows? I need one to one tuition .
As time might be running out for me..playing with it I want to be great at doing files etc ..But feel lost, just now.
However, Its certainly packed full of learning, how to do all things Silhouette. Just hope I can make sense of it eventually.Obviously very well covers everything possible .Just hope my brain stays the course.. Would recommend this even if its too much for this older lady.Thanks for reading.
Good luck, with your journey. X

Good book.

Lots of information. Little more information on Designer Edition for Silhouette 4. I have ran into problem because I don't have the Designer Edition.

Very good

I am really happy for this. With this book I finally can understand and learn the silhouette cameos potential, which is very helpful for my projects.

Cutting a Profit

I haven't had time to read alot of it. Trying to learn as much as I can for my embroidery & heat printing business this month.

The Ultimate Silhouette Guide for CAMEO 4 eCourse (CAMEO 4, Plus, Pro)

The ultimate silhouette guide

Was hesitant to buy this but so glad I did! I love the step by step explanations of this machine!

I Love this guide

This is not my first Silhouette Guide that you have written. I got this one when I got my new Cameo 4. I liked it so much that I sent one to a friend who had recently purchased a Cameo 4.

New to silouette, must buy!

Skip all the frustration and buy this before you unbox your machine. It will save you countless hours!

Ultimate Silhouette 4 guide

Great step by step guide to all that the Cameo 4 can do. Highly recommend for beginner to pro.

Cameo 4 Guide Review

Very comprehensive and easy to understand. Covered everything I needed/wanted to know. Includes information about how to run Silhouette Studio as well as the Cameo 4 and how to cut different types of media.


These books are awesome! Very detailed, easy to understand. Love the video links embedded into the books! Has definitely saved me HOURS from searching the web for info! Also, my purchase came with a $100 gift card...which I used to load up on fonts and cut files! Thanks Melissa. You rock!

Love this guide!

I am a great fan of your books. I wound up buying at least 2 for friends for my first cameo and one for my cameo 3. I bought one for my new cameo 4 and sent one to my son. Everything turns easy when I find it in the book.

The Ultimate Silhouette Guide for CAMEO 4 eCourse (CAMEO 4, Plus, Pro) Inbox

Not had a chance to read it properly yet, but looks very informative

Everything Melissa does is amazing!!!!!

These guide books are a lifesaver!!!! They help me immensely!

Very Helpful Guide

I bought this because it is a major hassle to have to go to utube to answer all my questions. I like having a book I can look up an issue and then refer to as I am doing it. This guide fills the bill. I would recommend this guide. I really think that Silhouette should offer this guide with the purchase of the Cameo.

Very Informative

This book has helped a lot

Very helpful book

The ultimate Silhouette print&cut guide makes life easier for me.


I’m excited to go through and read your advice on how to make things and what the best ways and easiest ways are to create , layer heat transfer, fabric, regular vinyl ect. I want the came pro but trying to be good and waiting to purchase. Love your videos!

Great Book thanks for all the amazing advice

Just what I needed!

I purchased the Cameo 4 Plus and this guide is right on time!

Very pleased with this book!!!

Great book beginning with introduction to buying cameo 4, setting up and using machine. This book follows with introduction to silhouette studio, from downloading and installing to more details about using silhouette studio. I found this book very useful. Getting a new machine can be a little scary. This book will give you the confidence you need to use your Cameo 4.

Silhouette Guide

Very helpful. Easy to follow. EXCELLENT

Don’t cut without it!!!

These books are absolutely amazing!!!!!! I printed mine out and went to Office Depot for binding. It was literally $3.00!! Everything you need to know are in these books! Very easy to read and understand! I highly recommend these books before cutting anything! I also practice while reading the book. You can whip right through. It won’t take you long at all!! Good Luck on being a Silhouette Master!