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Lots to learn in an easy to follow guide.

I have barely started diving into these books and I can’t wait to read on. I have done a handful of HTV projects and a few vinyl decals with minimal help. These books will play a massive role in learning how my Cameo 4 works and all the things I can create with different tools/settings etc. I can’t wait to expand my crafting abilities.

Ultimate silhouette design

I have purchased three of the Silhouette books and all of them are very helpful....But the ultimate design I just love because I learned more about how to design my logo but I tried...But now I know how thank you Melissa for think about me when you wrote these books....

Loving this guide!!!!

This is an easy read guide with very helpful videos detailing the process. It is a must have if you are a Silhouette user. I don't regret my purchase one bit.


Easy to navigate, definitely user friendly!

Oh what did I get myself into

I did take it out of the box and I got it set up. I initially purchased to help make my product labels nicer. Then I made the lovely mistake of watching TikTok post and now I've purchased all types of stuff with the intention of making stuff to add to stuff I said I was going to make but haven't. It's a good feeling because I know I got stuff that I can make and I won't be bored. The hard part is figuring out how to use the Cameo design space. So many tools, but finding beginner friendly videos and the files that came with the software give you something to practice with. Now I need to learn to get my materials on the right side, learn to weed without tearing, transfer and all those other terms but I am up for the challenge. I am becoming an empty nester in less than 30 days so... let's see what I can do with this machine. Oh did I say I'm having fun, finding it easier to work with the more tutorials I try. It's loud but what machine isn't. Other than the noise I'm okay with it so far.

Great resource

Haven’t finished reading but what I have read looks great. I have a few of your books they are great resource.

Silhouette 4 Guide

So far so good. Not done reading yet. I only get a chance in the evening, but very interesting so far. Glad I purchased it. Thank you Melissa!!


This has so much useful information.

Great manual!

This is the best instruction guide I’ve found! I definitely recommend this to anyone beginning their Silhouette journey.

No I wanted a book not ebook!

We only sell eBooks, but you are welcome to print a copy of the PDF file if you prefer a hard copy. Please see the item description for this information.

Great for Beginners

This is a beginning to a new craft adventure with the Silouhette Cameo 4 and the Print & Cut guide is great for beginners.

The ultimate silhouette guide

Excellent e book. Easy to follow, full of useful tips and I can go back time after time. I was on the verge of giving up with my Portrait but this book made all the difference. I am working through it step by step and am loving it. Such good value!

I gave u an old email address. How can i give u the new one to download my ecourse

You can contact us at any time at We'd be happy to help.

Amazing information !

I am so glad I purchased this book ! I am off to a head start and, I am having fun doing it.

Always perfect information

Thanks for always having what we need......Always great tutorials

Awesome guides

Everything Melissa does is spot-on, and these ebooks are no different.

Cutting a Profit: Silhouette Small Business eBook

Best Business Guide

I have just started studying the business guide and I have already learned a lot.
Melissa, thank you for the helpful information. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to starting a business.

Am a little bewildered, my computer broke shortly after I ordered and paid for th9s, am unable to download to my I-pad, computer won’t be repaired until appn1 week , will I still be able to download it?

Yes, your download link provides up to 5 download attempts. They are not time bound, so you can download at your convenience.

Cutting a Profit: Silhouette Small Business eBook

It has been so helpful. I have not had the chance to complete it yet, but so far I am loving it,

Amazing Deal

Reading these two e books have taught me so much. They are both very informative and easy to follow. I will definitely be ordering the other e books as well I recommend anyone struggling to just get it reading these books you will end up getting it. And if you just need a refresher its a definite must read.

I am so happy to have a guide that as visual aid that looks like (mostly) my design software. Very clear and concise

Cutting a profit

The book is excellent.
It is written for the US market and I am in the UK but still excellent

Love Melissa

I love the step by step guides Melissa gives!

Great products

I have followed Melissa a long time but I needed something to help with my business. Just that book alone gave me more info than I ever dreamed...little things I needed to Kickstart my business!