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The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio 2nd


The best!

I bought this guide in 2013 the first time… made a detour in 2018 to cricut… but bought a Cameo 5 last week, and so happy with it! Bought the guide again as a fresh up 😂 thanks alot

Love the design book

Love the design book. I was going to mention it to you. lots of info. Still working on that. So haven’t gotten to cut and print book yet

Great Time Saver

The Ultimate Silhouette Guide allowed me to jump right in and start printing and cutting for my crafting needs. The guide has easy to follow instructions and I love how there are videos if I need more visuals. It is so much easier and less time consuming than trying to search through YouTube videos. Thank you Melissa!!

Update Chapter
Beate B.
Gamechanger - Designing in Silhouette

Melissas guides are so good, I have learned so much and for me they have been a game changer. I can highly recommend them, they'll take you to the next level and beyond, even if you are starting at 0. :-)

Absolutely lifesaving

This bundle is the best. I have the Cameo 4, but purchased the Cameo 5 and use it for both machines . For the most part i have only used the Ultimate Guide, this has been a great help. Now if I could only remember the steps for the next time. I just need to use my machine more.

I learned so much!

I'm so glad I got this bundle! I've learned so much and I'm far less intimidated by my Cameo 4 than I was just a couple of weeks ago. The progression of one subject to the next makes sense and the videos are so helpful.

Haven’t had much time to go all the way through it yet but what I have read is amazing!

The guiding light 💡

I am reading it page by page however it help when my Bluetooth won’t connect.
I do have a problem with files in my library are halfway covered only a few I don’t know how to fix it. I am on a MacBook. Strange that only some are covered.

Good & Bad

Was good but some out of date links and information,would be the ultimate if it was updated.

I have a Cameo 3

Darn the luck; read it wrong

Wonderful guide

People it’s worth it get it now has helped me soooooo much.

Love this user manual, especially since I'm new to this!

Not sure

I haven't really looked at the bundle. I ended up returning my silhouette as I was gifted a cricut.

Melissa is brilliant with the Silhouette. Hey guides are the best.

Makes Learning to Design Fun

I love the format of this book--read a chapter and then follow along with a video to reinforce what you've read. Melissa covers everything very thoroughly. I'm only halfway through and I am amazed at what we've already covered. If you are thinking about purchasing this book, just do it. It's well worth the money!

The Ultimate Silhouette Guide for CAMEO 4 eCourse (CAMEO 4, Plus, Pro)


Yes i do love your books. Just wish my new cameo pro would cut the accurate size I
set it to. I have used the bounding box like you suggested but it didn't help

The Ultimate Silhouette Print and Cut Design eBook Bundle (CAMEO 4)

New to Silhouette

As a first time user of a Cameo machine I found the books and accompanying videos invaluable in getting me making, using downloaded files items. Once comfortable with using the Cameo and working my way through the design tutorials and videos I was able to start designing and making my own creations.

Thanks Melissa for sharing your knowledge and experience. You have taken the hassle out of learning to use the Cameo and spurred me on to getting more satisfaction through starting to use the Silhouette design functions.


Sil4 bundle

Melissa always provides great tutorials and this is a great resource to have.

Very help when trying navigate the Silhouette machine and accessories!