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The Ultimate Silhouette Guide for CAMEO 4 eCourse (CAMEO 4, Plus, Pro)

Superb Information

Totally love the information and techniques provided in the ebooks. Thank you for making the transition from a regular cutting machine to the silhouette so easy.

Very Good

I love the pictures and the detailed description from A - Z. Thanks Melissa

Inclusive but Concise!

Great step by step instructions for setting up Cameo 4s. Much more information about how to use tools and features. I upgraded from a Cameo 2, so I did have to update the firmware.

Melissa and Silhouette Guide

Melissa is an outstanding instructor for Silhouette, takes each lesson and builds upon the previous ones, guiding you to understand and create designs along with her. Some people learn by reading, I learn by doing so this has been perfect for me. I come from the Cricut world so Silhouette is all new to me. Very excited to have this as a resource in my future designs. Thank you Melissa and team.

Cutting A Profit

This book has been a wonderful guide to get my small business going!! Thank you Melissa!

Best investment

So much of useful information so glad i bought it especially not knowing all the features an what they do so instead of quessing i can use this instead

Great for beginners and anyone who needs some basic refreshers.

This is a great source and guide for someone new to silhouette, I find it very beneficial for myself switching from Cricut to Silhouette.

Great Addition

The perfect guide, all encompassing.

Cutting for a profit

Awesome e-book well worth the cost of the book.

Great resource

I went for the Complete Ultimate Guide collection. I like my resources all in one place. Great information for those new to Cameo 4 & Silhouette. Thanks Melissa for sharing your knowledge & experience.


I am finding this very helpful ! Easy to follow your instructions. Thank you

The Ultimate Silhouette Print and Cut Design Business eBook Bundle

Love the E Books

Very informative information and has helped me tremendously when using my silhouette machine.

Happy with product

Very informative

Perfect book for Silhouette!

I just got my first die cutting machine and picked the Silhouette Cameo 4. I purchased this book as soon as I unpacked my machine and it’s been a wonderful resource to help me get familiar with the overall world of die cutting machines and with the Silhouette machine in particular! Every question I’ve had so far has been answered in an easily understandable way! Thank you for putting this together. It’s a terrific resource! Besides downloading it on my computer, I printed a copy and have it in a binder at my workstation. It’s ideal!

It has been helpful, I hope to print it out as like the comfort of a book as opposed to computer. Working on getting my printer working, and stocking more paper to print😜 slow stepping with COVID complications.


It is a walk through that is easy exampled

Essential for Cricut Converts

As a Cricut convert moving to a Cameo Pro 4, this has been the ONLY guide I have been able to turn to for easy to read, step-by-step, and simple instructions for those of us who struggle with technology! I know my way around better now, and this guide is a total life-saver—or sanity-saver, I should say! Thank you, Melissa, for all the effort you put into making this - your passion for teaching and crafting really shines through!

The Perfect Tool!

This guide is EXACTLY what every Silhouette owner needs. I love the layout, and I love the way Melissa writes the instructions. They are easy to follow and so helpful. Thanks for a great guide, I love it!

My silhouette guide

I don’t know how I like it....I don’t know how to open if you could tell me how to download and open it ...I’m sure I will love it

Silhouette Cameo 4

The book is fabulous! I’m learning so much and I’ve had a 1 and 3. I’ve recently added a 4 pro.