Ultimate Silhouette Guide, Second Edition for V4 eCourse - $27.99 (Plus $25 Credit to So Fontsy Design Shop)

(There will be no exchanges or refunds for ordering the wrong version. Not sure if you need this version or the original 2015 version of USG for V3? Email us before buying - because they're not exchangeable!)

eBook Purchase Includes (click photo to enlarge and read offer details): 

For the first time, The Ultimate Silhouette Guide is available as an eCourse...that's a 180 page printable handbook and video instruction combined for your best possible learning! So not only has the hugely popular original Ultimate Silhouette Guide been completely updated for Silhouette Studio V4 (and V4.1), we've added an hour and 45 minutes of video instruction as well!

If you're looking for an easy-to-search, in depth, printable reference guide accompanied by online Silhouette video lessons to teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait...the Ultimate Silhouette Guide for V4 eCourse is just that! 

It's like having a tutor at your fingertips to answer every question and troubleshoot issues when you get stuck mid-project. 

Maybe you're just thinking about buying a Silhouette machine to take your crafting or business to the next level.  Or perhaps you have a Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait that’s been sitting in the box for weeks or months or years!  Maybe you’ve tried using your Silhouette cutting machine, but you are struggling to understand the Silhouette Studio software.  You may not even be a beginner, but perhaps you are having trouble getting beyond the basics or transitioning from Silhouette Studio V3 to V4 to take full advantage of the huge capabilities of the Silhouette machine and software. 
 If you fall into any of these categories The Ultimate Silhouette Guide, Second Edition eCourse is for you!

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  The Ultimate Silhouette Guide V4 eCourse includes more than 180 pages of instruction, more than 200 pictures and screen grabs, and four Silhouette Studio V4-based video lessons to accompany and enhance learning in the first four sections of the ebook.

Sure, you can read through the instruction booklet that comes with every Silhouette cutter. And of course, you can work your way through the more than 1000 tutorials on the Silhouette School blog.  You can even Google and YouTube and pin Silhouette CAMEO tutorials for days and weeks to come - but no where will you find the amount of detailed instruction in logical progressive order as you will here.   No where will you have all the Silhouette CAMEO tips, tricks, and tutorials organized and at your fingertips rather than searching the Internet over every time you want to start a new project - or get stuck half-way through one.  And no where will you find such an in-depth and comprehensive online Silhouette course covering both the cutting machines and Silhouette Studio V4.

Video Lesson 1: Silhouette America Account Set-Up & Studio Installation (17 mins)
Video Lesson 2: Library, Cloud, Bluetooth Set-Up (18 minutes)
Video Lesson 3: Silhouette Studio V4 Tools Overview (1 hour)
Video Lesson 4: Understanding the Send Panel  (18 minutes)

When you purchase the Ultimate Silhouette Guide eCourse you will immediately receive a PDF file for download! That's your ebook...and within you'll find links where you can click to stream (or type in the URL of the videos in your Internet browser) the four video lessons. You can watch and re-watch them as often as you'd like after downloading your ebook!


Take a peek inside and look at the table of contents!

Still not convinced you’re ready to shell out a half a tank of gas-worth of money to buy the Silhouette School ebook on all things Silhouette? Here's more about what you're getting: 
(All the great content and benefits from the original Ultimate Silhouette Guide...plus some!)

  • * You'll learn the ins and outs of Silhouette crafting from an expert user and the blogger behind one of the most successful Silhouette blogs on the web 
    • * Four pages of detailed labels and descriptions of all tool bar buttons and icons in Silhouette Studio
    • * Recommended Silhouette CAMEO supplies, tools and materials including the best places to purchase them
    • * I’ll share a little known FREE commercial-use script monogram font - a tip I’ve never revealed until now
    • * An in depth section on the absolute best way to organize your Silhouette Studio library  using keywords, categories and folders
    • * A glossary of Silhouette 'lingo' so you have a firm understanding of the terminology
    • * A complete list of cut settings for 40+ different materials
    • * Extensive Silhouette troubleshooting section to get you back on track
    • * An ad-free guide means 100% information on every single page.
    • * Easily printable in full color or black and white 
    • * Interactive table of contents which allows you to get where you want to go with just the click of the mouse
    • * Comparison between the Silhouette cutter machines to help you decide which plotter is best for you
    • * Step by step unpacking, set up and what to know before making your first cut with Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait 

     The Ultimate Silhouette Guide, Second Edition for V4 includes everything in the original 2015 release of the Ultimate Silhouette Guide plus...
    • * All new images for Silhouette Studio V4 
    • * 100+ minutes of Silhouette Studio V4-based video instruction to enhance the written chapters
    • * Completely updated labels, descriptions, and layout of V4 Tool Bars including the Quick Access Tool Bar
    • * Complete Bluetooth Set Up Instructions
    • * Step by Step help for setting up your Silhouette Cloud
    • * In depth sections on new Silhouette Studio V4 features including Trace by Color and Object to Path
    • * Get a firm understanding of how to use Floating Panels
    • * New sections on working with the Silhouette CAMEO 3 Auto Blade and Dual Carriage
    • * Now includes a printable Fill Color Test Sheet
    •  12 pages worth of in-depth info on how to use the new features in V4.1 - conical warp, warp tool, glyph and font organization, save as SVG, pop up tool, and more!

      Following in-depth chapters on designing in Silhouette Studio and the basics of cutting, the materials section of The Ultimate Silhouette Guide is set up like a choose your own adventure book!  

      You decide if you want to learn how to cut heat transfer vinyl or rhinestone template or some other special medium.  My job is simply to lead you through step-by-step building on skills in a logical and progressive order that make it easy to learn and even easier to refer back to.

      Still on the fence? No problem… I know I’m fully biased and I think Silhouette School blog and this eBook are the only Silhouette resources you need, but you don’t need to hear that from me! You need to hear it from other expert Silhouette CAMEO users. These Silhouette craft bloggers have checked out The Ultimate Silhouette Guide ahead of its full release to give you their honest opinions.





      Don’t be that crafter who continues to spend hours and hours cutting one 30 piece scrapbook layout out by hand when you have an absolutely amazing machine sitting three feet away that could do the job in just a few minutes and with much better precision. 
      Don’t let another frustrating Silhouette CAMEO project be the last straw before you give up your crafting days forever.
      Don’t get stuck in a crafting rut when you know you can take it to the next level if you just knew how.
      Instead take full advantage of the Silhouette CAMEO or Silhouette Portrait machine you - or Santa - spent hundreds of dollars on. Take your Silhouette crafting business to the next level by making quality and unique items people will buy and payoff that machine. 


      Is the (e)book really worth the money? 
      Who better to tell you if the Ultimate Silhouette Guide digital handbook is worth the money than those who've already purchased it? Read reviews from customers and Silhouette users who've purchased "The Ultimate Silhouette Guide".

      If I bought the original Ultimate Silhouette Guide ebook or paperback do I get this one free? 
      No…but those who have purchased the original USG ebook you can get a 15 page free update to help with the transition to V4. Just email to request it.

      The Ultimate Silhouette Guide Second Edition for V4 is just like any of our other ebooks - it’s a new book that contains information specifically on Silhouette Studio V4. Not only have all of the screen grabs and information been updated and improved upon, we’re also now including almost 2 hours worth of video instruction making this a full blown course.

      Similar to when Silhouette America released the CAMEO 3 after the CAMEO 2, the Second Edition of The Ultimate Silhouette Guide for V4 is a new product brought to the market. 

      In addition, updating to Silhouette Studio V4 software is not a requirement so you can happily stay on V3. 

      If I have the original Ultimate Silhouette Guide, do I really need this one too or will the 15 page update be enough for me? 

      I can’t answer that question for you, but I can give you some information to help make your decision.

      The Ultimate Silhouette Guide, 2nd Edition V4 contains all of the information in the original Ultimate Silhouette Guide, with some key additions and revisions: 
      1. All screenshots have been updated to reflect Silhouette Studio V4 Completely updated labels, descriptions, and layout of V4 tool bars including the Quick Access tool bar 
      2. Complete Bluetooth Set Up instructions 
      3. Step by Step help for setting up your Silhouette Cloud 
      4. In-depth sections on new Silhouette Studio V4 features including Trace by Color and Object to Path Get a firm understanding on how to use Floating Panels 
      5. New sections on working with the Silhouette Cameo 3 Auto Blade and Dual Carriage 
      6. Now includes a printable Fill Color Test Sheet 
      7. Includes 1 hour and 45 minutes of Silhouette Studio V4 video instruction 

      I hope this helps you make your decision about whether The Ultimate Silhouette Guide, 2nd Edition V4 is right for you!

      How do I open the eBook on my iPad? 
      • * Install the Kindle app or iBook on your iPad.
      • * Click on the download link to download
      • * When asked if you want to open with iBook or "other", click 'other."
      • * Pick Kindle from the list of options. Then you can go to the Kindle app and read it!
      The copy center says they can't print the ebook because it's copyrighted. What do I do now? 
      Please contact me at SilhouetteSchoolBlog@gmail.com and I will send you a written consent giving the purchaser the right to have the book printed.

      Can I gift The Ultimate Silhouette Guide? 
      Yes! We offer the option to gift the ebook version of The Ultimate Silhouette Guide. Click here for more on how to gift The Ultimate Silhouette Guide ebook!

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