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Want to know what people are saying about The Ultimate Silhouette Guide ebook series? Check out these reviews of the Silhouette School books, courses, and online videos?  Take a look...
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"Recently I purchased your EBook on Designing & I just want to thank you even more for writing this book.  While I may have skipped a couple of chapters early on (covered what I already had learnt from you), I have only a couple of chapters to complete the course & I am in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I am making my own designs now & I'm thrilled with how they have turned out & had to share them with you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU & THANK YOU, for giving me the tools that I needed to put my ideas into action."  -Beryl

"My goodness Melissa -- I thought your new e-series package would be near $100--thanks for making it affordable! Thanks!: - Patty P.

"After completing the Ecourse I must say I'm amazed. Not only do the videos give you the opportunity to immediately practice what you've learned in each chapter, they assist you in thinking outside the box for designing. While learning to design you realize the possibilities are endless for all types of applications as you navigate the Ecourse. This Ecourse will not only benefit new users immensely but will also help the seasoned Silhouette user have those light bulb moments. I will definitely be recommending this Ecourse to my Silhouette friends as it far surpassed my expectations." - Michele W.

"I have purchased all of your Ebooks including the new ecourse for designing. I love them all ... they are easy to follow and the instructions are very well written. The designing one ... is my new favorite because of the additional videos! Thanks so much." - Sheila
"Well, I have learned so much and I am now confident to create my own designs. The book is well laid out and the lessons easy to follow with the added help of watching the videos. Thank you Melissa Langford Viscount that is a lot of work,, much appreciated." - Lyn 

"All newbies need your new ebook. It would take a lot of stress out of learning the Silhouette" - Patricia

"I have purchased the Ultimate Sil Book, the mini books. I purchase the E-Ultimate Design with additional videos. Melissa Viscount has done an excellent job writing the ebook. The book is well written, easy to understand and illustrated. The price for any of Melissa's books are worth it. I am telling everyone about them. Thanks Melissa. " - Julia 

"I have purchased almost all of Melissa's ebooks starting with The Ultimate Silhouette Guide. My most recent purchase was the new ebook on Designing which is fantastic because it includes videos as part of the guide. I am a visual learner so to be able to read about a process and then watch and "do" along with the video is a real plus for me.  BTW, if you haven't already, you should also check out Silhouette U---great member benefits which includes free cut files each month which include commercial license and also tutorials for all levels of user (beginner, intermediate and advanced)." - Sherry 

"I have all of your eBooks and just purchased your new eCourse last night. I find all of the eBooks and eCourse very helpful in explaining certain elements of the Silhouette Cameo that I am not familiar with. These are all very helpful and affordable." - Pam 

"I have purchased several of Melissa's ebooks, but most recently the new ebook on Designing in Silhouette Studio. I have enjoyed and learned so much from each book, but I am especially enjoying the new one with the videos. Makes each lesson so much easier to grasp. Thank you Melissa for another great book." - Patty 

"I have purchased all of Melissa's e-books and I love them all! I purchased the new Designers book on the day it was released and am almost finished with it. The tutorials are fantastic and very easy to follow. (I am almost finished completing them all!) It is the best silhouette course I have taken. Her desire to help others is unsurpassed. Thank you Melissa! You rock!" - Shellie 


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"Thank you so much for all your hard work. Silhouette School is awesome and so is the book. Silhouette ought to buy your book and include it with every Silhouette Cameo!!!!" - Rita

"It is so easy to understand when reading it. You have changed the crafter's world of Silhouette cutting with this book. Thank you." - Angie

"...BUY the EBOOK best $27.99 you will spend. I wasted more money in material messing things up before The Silhouette School became my BFF." - Michele

"I just bought this book this morning and I thought I was pretty good at my machine. Oh my....I've already learned even more. You can not go wrong! Buy this book. I can't believe everything you have put in this book!" - Kim

"Melissa, you are a godsend! Finally everything is in one place, easy to find and easy to understand instead of on a gazillion notes scattered around my craft room. I know I'll be using my Sil a lot more now. Thank you so much!"

"I bought this last night. I've had my Cameo for over 3 years & actually learned stuff I never knew! Highly recommend this book! Great for reference, even if you've had your machine for years!" - Laurie

"I have to tell you how delighted I am with your book! My name is Jogry and I live in Bali, Indonesia. My age is 82 years. I bought my CAMEO 1 year ago, followed several lessons, but this is NOT like having a book and always be able to come back to it, if I have difficulties....." - Jogry

"The book is so full of useful information, written by someone who understands the issues we have been or are having, easy to follow and understand. Real value for money which we'll soon get back in terms of now being able to get the most from our machines. Thank you" - Angie

"When I first got my Silhouette I searched and searched for a book like this but it didn't exist! I'm so glad it does now. I'm tired of muddling my way through all of my projects." - Lisa

"Love opening it on my iPad while working and search and clicking table of contents and opening it (sic) right to the tut." - Yvette

"I purchased the Ultimate Guide and it is my Silhouette Bible! I would never have mastered my Cameo without it! xx" - Chantal

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"Absolutely LOVE it. It's written as if Melissa is sitting down with you and talking over coffee. Great ideas and packed with helpful information. I printed my copy in color and had it bound at office Depot." - Sarah H

"She has done it again my friends! Everything you need to know about starting your Silhouette business and more importantly making a profit! Whether your just starting your Silhouette endeavor or are a seasoned craft maker, Cutting a Profit, is the bible for your business! From setting up your business to pricing to marketing, Melissa has done all of the dirty work us and laid it all out there.  So if you haven't done so yet, stop what your doing immediately and go get yourself a copy." - Jennifer

"I am about 4 months old in Silhouette age, still a newbie. I love your school and have bought all of your books. I am in the process of reading all of your books and learning the Silhouette Cameo. You are such an inspiration to learning this machine! I gave up on Cricut after 3 months, sold it, because I could not find the support like what you provide with Silhouette. I am so thrilled I changed product! Just wanted to give you a “shout out” and thank you for all of your hard work!  I’m looking forward to the new book the end of the month!" - Shannon S.

"Just downloaded the 'Ultimate Silhouette Design eCourse + Cutting a Profit eBook'... I'm so excited to get started!!! I just love my silhouette and after several requests to make things from friends and family I'm finally going into business! So excited to take what i learn and put it into action! Thanks Melissa!!" - Kate


I have Melissa Viscount's Sticker Guide Ebook - fabulous - then I found [the Silhouette Print and Cut Like a Pro video class] and WOW - there is some information there - that is the best value. Absolutely 'tuckered myself out' watching that and all the other video that were included in the course. I am 'crossed eyed' and loving it." - Lyn W.

"I have all of your eBooks and just purchased your new eCourse last night. I find all of the eBooks and eCourse very helpful in explaining certain elements of the Silhouette Cameo that I am not familiar with. These are all very helpful and affordable." - Pam

"I have purchased at least three of Melissa's ebooks and would not be able to use my Silhouette to the best of it's ability without the help of her books. Very valuable resources to have on hand. Mine are printed out and in binders on my desk for quick reference! I can't wait to get her newest ebook with the video tutorials. It will be a game changer!"  - Lyn

"I am a recent Silhouette University member. Although there is a membership fee, I feel that it is well worth it. I am happy and excited to say that I have finished Homeworks 1.1 and 1.2. It may not seem like much but I am over my Silhouette anxiety!!!! I learned so much just from those 2 shorts projects and I cannot wait to move on. I purchased Silhouette School Ultimate Guide but have not completely immersed myself in it. I am more of a visual learner and Melissa's tutorials and Homeworks are awesome. Thank you so much Melissa!" - Teresa

"I'm so glad you're doing Silhouette U! I had so many questions about stickers when I thought I'd give it a try. Getting the ideas from my head and out as actual stickers was quite the process for me. But I knew that SU would be the perfect place after watching all the videos you posted (on Facebook). - Julie

"The Ultimate Silhouette Guide is the Holy Grail to all things Silhouette. A definite must-have chased with a shot of Silhouette U...think minus the drama and includes all kindness and helpfulness in a great online community one can dream of. I've recent purchased the Ultimate Silhouette Guide to tracing and can't wait until I have time to dive into a new world." - Dawn

"I have the Ultimate Guide and most of the smaller ebooks, one video course and now the new ebook with videos. The new series is incredible - I'm halfway thru it and the design ideas are just flowing. Her enthusiasm for Silhouette is contagious. I'm also a Silhouette U member. Melissa is the best !!!"     - Loraine

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